Logos are everywhere, just look around you! They are embedded in our culture and our way of life. But what do logos do, and why do they matter…

Logos influence our decisions, communicate and represent a company’s values, and are often full of meaning. The primary role of a logo is to identify a business’s or an organization’s brand.  Trends and products come and go. Design tools and techniques evolve. What we perceive a logo to be may even drastically change with time. What never changes is its goal:  to identify a person, product, business, or service it’s designed for.

Brand recognition

The best logos are usually quite simple and clean in design. A logo design doesn’t need hidden meanings. Any meaning or association will come over time through good branding, ongoing marketing, and strategic exposure, creating brand recognition.

Logo design needs to be treated as a strategic business tool that will allow your company to be identified in the vast world of competition.

With so many businesses in the world, a company has one chance to impress and attract. If the logo design fails to impress onlookers in today’s internet-driven world it’s very easy to go elsewhere. Some business owners go down the DIY route, or use low-cost amateur designers, not understanding how damaging poor design can be for them when first impressions matter so much. There is a saying, “There’s nothing more expensive than cheap design,” which sums up the losses a company is causing by accepting the cheapest and quickest route.

Create a Good first impression

Before working on any design ideas, as a designer and business owner, I need to understand the environment in which YOUR logo will be seen. Who are your competitors and how do they look? What colors and symbols are already owned by your competition? We need to differentiate your logo so your business stands out from the crowd!

As a graphic designer it is important for me to get to know YOU – your personality, your business, your service, your product, and/or your organization is crucial to the development of your logo and your brand. I take the time to sit down with you and talk about your visions, your dreams, and your business.

Let me help you!